Posted by: Stephanie Cage | March 9, 2011

Planning for Creative People

The World's Messiest Business Plan?

A Creative Business Plan

This might possibly be the world’s messiest business plan, and I don’t suppose it makes much sense to anyone except me, but I love having a reminder of what ‘Write Ways Coaching’ is all about on just one sheet of paper… and no, I didn’t choose pink paper because I’m also a romance writer.  It just happened to be the colour that I had handy, that wasn’t white!  If you’re feeling stuck with a planning process, why not loosen it up by changing the rules of the game – what can you do differently today?

Posted by: Stephanie Cage | March 9, 2011

Who am I?

I am a creative writing coach based in Yorkshire, England.  I believe there are as many ‘right ways’ to write as there are writers.  The best gift writers can give themselves is the space and support to explore their own ‘right way.’  That’s why, for most writers, coaching is as valuable as, or even more valuable than, traditional how-to-write training.

I work with writers to help them become the best writers they can be – whatever that means for them.


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